Research Papers

  • Dirk Beyer, Stefan Löwe, Philipp Wendler:
    Benchmarking and Resource Measurement – Application to Automatic Verification
  • Fabrizio Biondi, Axel Legay, Jean Quilbeuf:
    Comparative Analysis of Leakage Tools on Scalable Case Studies
  • Aleksandar S. Dimovski, Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi, Claus Brabrand, Andrzej Wasowski:
    Family-Based Model Checking without a Family-Based Model Checker
  • Jiri Barnat, Petr Rockai, Vladimír Štill, Jiří Weiser:
    Fast, Dynamically-Sized Concurrent Hash Table
  • Maria Christakis, Patrice Godefroid:
    IC-Cut: A Compositional Search Strategy for Dynamic Test Generation
  • Sudipta Chattopadhyay:
    MESS: Memory Performance Debugging on Embedded Multi-core Systems
  • Antonio Filieri, Marcelo Frias, Corina Pasareanu, Willem Visser:
    Model Counting for Complex Data Structures
  • František Blahoudek, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Vojtěch Rujbr, Jan Strejček:
    On Refinement of Büchi Automata for Explicit Model Checking
  • Nils Timm, Stefan Gruner, Prince Sibanda:
    Parallel SAT-Based Parameterised Three-Valued Model Checking
  • Francesco Sorrentino:
    PickLock: A Deadlock Prediction Approach under Nested Locking
  • Thibaud Michaud, Alexandre Duret-Lutz:
    Practical Stutter-Invariance Checks for ω-Regular Languages
  • Dirk Beyer, Stefan Löwe, Philipp Wendler:
    Refinement Selection
  • Ana Rosario Espada, Alberto Salmerón, Maria Del Mar Gallardo, Pedro Merino:
    Runtime verification of expected Energy Consumption in Smartphone
  • Adrian Beer, Stephan Heidinger, Uwe Kühne, Florian Leitner-Fischer, Stefan Leue:
    Symbolic Causality Checking using Bounded Model Checking

Tool & Idea Papers

  • Peter Backes, Jan Reineke:
    ASTRA: A tool for abstract interpretation of graph transformation systems
  • Ahmad Siyar Andisha, Martin Wehrle, Bernd Westphal:
    Directed Model Checking for PROMELA with Relaxation-Based Distance Functions
  • Hussama Ismail, Iury Bessa, Lucas Cordeiro, Eddie B. Lima Filho, João E. Chaves Filho:
    DSVerifier: A Bounded Model Checking Tool for Digital Systems
  • Annabelle Klarl:
    From Helena Ensemble Specifications to Promela Verification Models